The Dresden Baseball Association is committed to the development and refinement of its players' athletic skills through positive competitive experiences, instruction and guidance. DBA baseball teams play under the umbrella of the Cal Ripken Baseball Division of Babe Ruth League, Inc.

There are currently two divisions within DBA:  Majors and Minors. DBA is open to Lyme, Hanover, Norwich and Thetford children primarily in the second through seventh grades. However, the DBA maintains a strict upper age limit in accordance with Cal Ripken League age rules.  Eligibility to play in the DBA is summarized as follows: 

  • younger than thirteen years old - eligible, but generally limited to third through seventh graders
  • thirteen years old on or after May 1 - eligible
  • thirteen years old before May 1 - ineligible
  • older than thirteen - ineligible

Players too old to be eligible for DBA programs should play in the Hanover Recreation Department’s 7th-8th grade program or on a Babe Ruth League team.

Players in both divisions of DBA will be expected to participate in one or two games and one or two practices a week, travel to away games  (typically in Lebanon and Norwich), and engage in competitive play (kids will be pitching, using harder baseballs, employing more exacting rules concerning pitch counts, etc.). The season runs from April through mid-June and may include a season-ending tournament.

Call Ripken Baseball Division - Ages 8-12

Keeping baseball FUN - especially in the early stages of youth baseball - is a primary goal of Babe Ruth League's Cal Ripken Division, which is comprised of the following divisions:

Major Division: The most experienced level of Cal Ripken Baseball, recommended for 11- and 12-year-old players. Cal Ripken Baseball is played under the Official Baseball Rules, but implements some special rules as necessary for the development and welfare of this young age group. Under the Major Division, there are two formats, the Major/70 and Major/60 divisions; DBA currently uses the Major/60 format. In both formats, games consist of six innings. In order to encourage the league to train more pitchers, there are rules that set the maximum number of innings a pitcher may pitch in a calender week.

Major/60: Featuring a 46-foot pitching distance and 60-foot base paths, this division is offered as an option to the major division format, and includes a tournament trail from District competition through the World Series in Aberdeen, Maryland at the Ripken Baseball Complex.

Minor Division: Recommended for ballplayers ages 8-10. Players build and refine their fundamental skills while beginning to understand game strategy and teamwork. In most regions, participants first experience post-season tournament competition in this level, leading to the 10 Year-Old World Series. The field dimensions are the same as above (46'/60').

In the past, DBA has also offered a variety of pre-season, indoor workout sessions; specialty clinics for pitching, catching, hitting, coaching and other skills; and social events to foster inter-team camaraderie and family fun.  These events vary from year-to-year, and are dependent on volunteers to help run them.



  • Winter Workouts at Richmond Middle School
  • Indoor Baseball Training 


  • 10+ games (for both Minors and Majors programs) vs. Lebanon and Norwich.
  • 3-Pitch tournament in Lebanon for Majors teams (4 games)



  • Little Fenway Cal Ripken weekend in June (4 games)-- participation in a weekend tournament at Harold Alfond Fenway Park  Oakland, Maine, where players stay in cabins and play games in a replica “mini” Fenway Park.
  • All-Stars-- a select team participates in post-season state, regional and, potentially national tournaments.
  • Late-summer games-- informal and relaxed seasons that allows kids to continue to play baseball through the summer.



  • 6+ game Season after school starts through Columbus Day weekend; practices, games, tournaments
  • Little Fenway Cal Ripken tournament in October

Participating/eligibility in summer and fall programs will be predicated on enrollment during the spring.

There will be a "no-cut" policy, teams will not be town-specific and abilities will be evenly distributed to create balanced teams. We will make every attempt to place players on Minors or Majors based on grade, but exceptions will be made to ensure safety, and the short and long-term emotional and physical development of the individual player.

In order to make a fair and even placement during the "draft" (placement of kids on the teams), we will inquire during registration for players to inform us if they foresee conflicts which would cause them to miss practices or games due to participation in different activities (i.e. lacrosse, spring soccer, piano, religious programs).

While there will be some modified rules (with input, discussion and final decsion made by board members, coaches and umpires) for the Minors level, we will play as close to rulebook as possible.

DBA teams use the  Tenney Park (Thompson Terrace), Grasse Road, and Farr fields in Hanover for practices and home games; depending upon field availability, other Town fields may be used for practices, as well.

More detailed information about the Dresden Baseball program can be found in the Dresden Baseball Association Handbook


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